25. A Letter From Dad

September 25, 2004

I found a letter from Dad taped to my door this morning. I waited until last night tell him I was going upstate to my cousin Sam’s wedding today (Mom’s side of the family), and apparently he was up all night chewing his cud. This is what I found:

Good morning Tommy,

I’ve been thinking about the situation about the wedding of Sam to whatever the girl’s name is. If it’s true, as it was when I was last visiting there, then they have ignored the commandment against adultery. In addition, if they claim to be Catholic, with a capital C, then they are also guilty of scandal in stating by their actions that it is okay to live together outside of marriage vows.

Of course, anyone who attends their wedding, knowing of their lifestyle, would be guilty of this scandal also. What does one do when faced with the choice of attending or keeping the FAITH by not attending? Will you take a courageous step, if the above is true, and not go?

Also, I would have been upset if you had told me about their wedding for two reasons. One – why did I not get an invitation and two – I would have probably called Sam Sr. to see if the facts as I believe are as above.


Dad wasn’t home.  He just left this note on my door and ran, leaving me standing there staring at the paper in my hands.  I couldn’t follow his logic.  We weren’t celebrating them living in sin.  We were celebrating them getting married.  In other words, celebrating them doing the right thing… no?

Then I started wondering what would happen to me if I did go.  Did I risk incurring his holy wrath upon my return? Was I going to encounter a shitstorm of papal proportions?  Was I going to be hectored about berated about what it means to be a Catholic?

Finally I decided that he was just being ridiculous. I folded the letter in half and took it with me to show Mom when I met up with her. She thought it was ridiculous too. She snorted when she read the part about “why didn’t I get an invitation?

I think his letter to me was a good demonstration of why.


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